Our Officers

Our Officers



  Allison McGuire

Assistant Vice President, Allison McGuire, attended NEO A&M College and Oklahoma State University. She holds an A.S. degree in Agriculture and a B.S.A.G. in Agricultural Economics. Upon graduation from Welch Public School, she participated in Welch State Bank’s internship program before joining our team full time as a loan officer in January of 2017. Allison specializes in Ag, Commercial, Consumer, Municipal, and Real Estate loans.  

E-Mail at: amcguire@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1584773

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  Arthur Cousatte

Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO, Arthur Cousatte, is a graduate of NEO A&M College and attended Trust School in Dallas. Mr. Cousatte has been in banking since 1965. He spent four years at the Bank of Quapaw and Wyandotte State Bank, and twenty-nine years at Security Bank & Trust in Miami, Oklahoma. Arthur joined the bank in 1997.

E-Mail at: acousatte@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431651

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  Brandy Mercer

Assistant Vice President, Brandy Mercer, graduated from Okeene Oklahoma and went on to attend Oklahoma State University and Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Brandy moved to Miami in 1994 and began her career in banking in 1995 when she was with Security Bank and Trust of Miami, OK. Brandy joined our team in August 1996 as a Teller and was quickly promoted to a Loan Secretary in November of 1996. Brandy processes consumer, commercial and mortgage loans. She also supervises our teller team.  

E-Mail at: bmercer@welchstatebank.com

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  Caleb Williamson

Assistant Vice President, Caleb Williamson, grew up in Baxter Springs. He graduated from Emporia State in 2010 with his bachelors in Health Promotions. Caleb joined our team in June 2017. He specializes in Consumer, Commercial, Ag, and Real Estate loans.  

E-Mail at: cwilliamson@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1639460

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  Chad Johnson

Vice-President, Chad Johnson, obtained a general construction degree from North Arkansas Community College 1995. He graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Finance in May 1999. After college he worked in the poultry industry. He has lived in the Welch area since 2001 and worked in the cattle business before joining the bank in 2011 and still continuing in the cattle business.

E-Mail at: cjohnson@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 637895

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  Charles Stoner

Charles Stoner is the Chairman of the Board and holds a degree from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and is a graduate of the Madison, Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking. Mr. Stoner has been in banking since 1959 and at the Welch State Bank since 1962.

E-Mail at: cstoner@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431661

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  Chelsea Calvert

Credit Analyst, Chelsea Calvert, obtained an Associates Degree from NEO A&M College in 2011 and finished with a Bachelors Degree in General Agriculture from Missouri State University in 2014. Originally from Rocky Comfort, Missouri, she moved to Miami in 2010 to attend school. She joined our team in August of 2014 as a teller and accepted the Credit Analyst position in August of 2015.

Email at: ccalvert@welchstatebank.com

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  Cyndi Engle

Assistant Vice President, Cyndi Engle, attended NEO A&M for 2 years graduated and then went to PSU. She graduated with a BSBA in Business Administration majoring in finance and minor in Economics.  Cyndi moved to Kansas City area and lived there for 20 plus years and worked in the banking industry: American Bank-AVP_Indirect Lending, Banc One-Credit Manager-Indirect Lending and Bank of America-Vice President-Commercial Assets Division. Cyndi joined our team in November of 2013 and specializes in Consumer and Commercial Loans and Real Estate.

Email at: cengle@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1138941

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  Darren Tippit

Assistant Vice President, Darren Tippit, a lifetime resident of Miami and a Graduate of NEO A&M College in Miami, Oklahoma.  Previously Darren worked for Airgas USA LLC for 14 years in sales and customer service.  He joined our team in March of 2013. Darren specializes in Consumer Loans

E-Mail at: dtippit@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1048442

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  Diana Forth

Branch Manager, Diana Forth, attended St John’s Lutheran College in Winfield, Kansas. Diana has been at the South Coffeyville location since 1998 serving as new accounts representative and loan officer.

E-Mail at: dforth@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 440203

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  Gary Williams

Senior Vice President, Gary Williams, holds a business degree from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. He is a graduate of the National Commercial Lending School and has been in banking since 1971. Gary joined our team in 2000 and specializes in commercial and real estate loans.

E-Mail at: gwilliams@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431652

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  Glenda Harden

Compliance/BSA Officer, Glenda Harden, grew up in Claremore and graduated from Welch High School. She joined our team in July of 2005 as a Compliance Assistant and in 2007 was promoted to Compliance/BSA Officer. In 2008 she attended the ICBA Certification Program and completed her certification for BSA Officer and Compliance Officer.  

E-Mail at: gharden@welchstatebank.com

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  James Victor

Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, James (Jay) Victor, is a 1985 graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture. Jay began his banking career in 1985 and has been with Welch State Bank since 1994. After 30 years of splitting his efforts between lending, information technology and operational issues, Jay is now managing the IT and Operations areas full time. Jay grew up on the family farm established by his great grandfather in 1891. Jay and his family still reside there today.

E-Mail at: jvictor@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431656

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  James Stoner

President, James Stoner, is a graduate of NEO A&M and Oklahoma State University. James joined our team in 1995. He specializes in commercial loans.

E-Mail at: jstoner@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431660

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  Justin Colby

Assistant Vice President, Justin Colby, graduated from Bluejacket High School. He is a lifetime resident of Northeastern Oklahoma and currently lives in Afton. Justin joined our team in August of 2016. Justin has been in the finance, sales and customer service industry for over 10 years. Justin specializes in Consumer loans.  

E-Mail at: jcolby@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1535054

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  Katie Fletcher

Marketing Officer, Katie Fletcher, grew up in Fairland and graduated from Grove High School in 2007. She then attended Northeastern State University and Northern Oklahoma College. Katie joined our team in May of 2015 as a New Accounts Representative and in February of 2017 she accepted the position as Marketing Officer. Katie currently lives in Afton and she has over 10 years of banking and customer service experience.  

E-Mail at: kfletcher@welchstatebank.com

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  Kellie Garber

Vice President, Kellie Garber, attended NEO A & M College in Miami, Oklahoma and Metropolitan College of Legal Studies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kellie has been in banking for 15 years. She spent 4 years at Oklahoma State Bank in Vinita, Oklahoma and the last 11 years at The First National Bank and Trust Company of Miami. Kellie joined Welch State Bank in October of 2015 and specializes in Consumer, Commercial and Real Estate loans.

E-Mail at: kgarber@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 764758

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  Kevin Bullard

Executive Vice President, Kevin Bullard, is a graduate of the National Commercial Lending School and the Jack T. Conn Graduate School of Community Banking. Kevin joined our team in 1990 and specializes in commercial and real estate loans.

E-Mail at: kbullard@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431650

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  Kristen Kuehn

Assistant Vice President, Kristen Kuehn, holds a degree in Finance from Wichita State University with a Bachelors in Finance. After college Kristen worked as an Accountant for nine years before joining our team as a Loan Officer in June 2016. Originally from Welch, she now resides outside of South Coffeyville. Kristen specializes in Consumer, Commercial, Ag, and Real Estate loans. 

 E-Mail at: kkuehn@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1507051

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  Matt Boston

Senior Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, Matt Boston, obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2008. Matt came to Welch State Bank in February 2009. He is a 2015 graduate from the Graduate School of Banking of Colorado. Matt specializes in FSA, agricultural lending as well as family owned business lending.

E-Mail at: mboston@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431654

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  Sarah Key

Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager, Sarah Key, is a 1999 graduate of Oklahoma Union Public School. She currently resides in South Coffeyville and is a lifetime resident of Nowata County. Sarah joined Welch State Bank in September of 2017 with 14 years of banking experience and is our Branch Manager for our South Coffeyville Location

E-Mail at: skey@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 640518

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  Sherri Mount

Vice President, Sherri Mount, holds an A.A. degree in Accounting from NEO A&M College and a B.S.B.A. in Accounting from the University of Tulsa. She joined our team in January 1994. Sherri specializes in leasing and consumer/commercial loans.

E-Mail at: smount@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431653

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  Tammie Harris

Assistant Vice President, Tammie Harris, grew up in Welch graduated from Welch High School and then attended NEO A&M College. Tammie joined our team in February of 1994. She specializes in Municipal Leasing and manages the Overdraft Privilege Program and assist in other departments. Tammie continues to live and farm in Welch.  

E-Mail at: tharris@welchstatebank.com

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  Tara Stewart

Assistant Vice President, Tara Stewart, attended Coffeyville Community College and graduated with an AA degree. She then completed her education at Pittsburg State University obtaining a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance. Tara grew up on her parent’s farm and ranch in Southeast Kansas and she currently lives in that area. Tara joined our team in January of 2014 and comes with 12 years banking experience. Tara specializes in Consumer, Commercial, Ag, and Real Estate loans.

E-Mail at: tstewart@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 1157797

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  Teresa Patrick

Cashier, Teresa Patrick, is a Bluejacket native and graduated from Bluejacket High School. She joined our team in November 1990 as a teller and was quickly promoted to Head Teller. Her responsibilities grew to include new account opening, bookkeeping, reconciliation and accounting. Teresa accepted the position of Cashier in 2015. Her principal responsibilities include bank accounting, general ledger and pledges.  

E-Mail at: tpatrick@welchstatebank.com

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  Terra Neal

Vice President & Branch manager, Terra Neal, attended NEO A & M College in Miami Oklahoma. She joined our team in 2004 as a teller then in 2007 transferred as a new account representative and loan secretary, in January of 2009 she accepted the position of loan officer, marketing officer and municipal leasing. Terra is a 2011 graduate of ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management.

E-Mail at: tneal@welchstatebank.com
Mortgage Loan Originator Number: 431659

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  Tina Tristan

Vice President, Tina Tristan, is a graduate of Northeastern State University and NEO A&M College. She holds degrees in Sociology and Business Administration. Tina joined our team in December 2008. She specializes in online and electronic banking services, including Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Remote Capture, and Cash Management services.  

E-Mail at: ttristan@welchstatebank.com

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