Agricultural Loan Experts

We Offer Various Agricultural Loans

Welch State Bank is a leader in agricultural lending. Our commitment to the agricultural community is apparent through our continuous involvement in agriculture lending since the early 1970s.


  • Bare Land Loans
  • Purchase Land Loans
  • Equipment and Machinery Loans
  • Livestock Loans, Dairy Loans, Grain Production Loans
  • Agricultural Real Estate Loans

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What to Expect from our Agricultural Loans


  • Experience Agricultural Loan Officers
  • Seasonal Terms
  • Competitive Rates & Terms
  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) Preferred Lender

Farm Service Agency Guaranteed Loans

Very few Oklahoma banks have obtained the “Preferred Lender” accreditation with the Farm Service Agency (FSA)—Welch State Bank is proud to be one of the few.

FSA is important because it means that the staff at Welch has the knowledge and experience to process your requests quickly with little interruption.

We use FSA guarantees for farm ownership, equipment loans, and cattle which may not always qualify for direct bank loans. We can better serve first generation farmers on small farms that may not meet normal underwriting criteria.

You can find additional information here: USDA Farm Service Agency.