Electronic Statements


Electronic Statements



Green is great, but our eStatements also give you convenience and security. Welch State Bank wasn’t going to be satisfied giving you just any eStatement. We wanted the best for our customers. After all, we’re customers too! Our eStatements are interactive and fully searchable. Save them, archive them or print them. There’s even an online reconcilement form for you to use! You will never want to go back to paper statements again!

Business customers love them. All the information is at your fingertips. No more digging through binders or boxes to find information on old statements! We can even set up online banking access for your staff and your accountants. You can limit how much information they can have access to. You can down load them as an Adobe PDF and email them if you prefer. No more making copies and hand delivering copies to the account.

Here are some key features and benefits:

We keep a minimum of 5 years of statements online at your convenience

eStatements are fully searchable by date, check number amount, or even by text

Contain the same information as our paper statements

You can print, email, or archive them as needed

Available to you faster because they don’t have to printed and mailed

More secure because they can’t get lost or delivered to the wrong address

Great at tax time, audits or anytime you need to look up a transaction

Try eStatements for yourself. Simply login to Online Banking and click on the account you would like to receive and electronic statement. From there you will click on “Statements” on the right side and follow the instructions to enroll.

If you have questions please contact us at: help@welchstatebank.com or call Online Banking Support at 918-544-9100.