Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a means of moving funds between banking institutions. Wires are typically available at the receiving bank the same business day. Wires require a signed authorization form and the following information to complete:

Date form is completed

Date funds are to be wired

Amount to be wired

Source of funds (account number, loan number, cash, or check)

Originator’s name and company name (if applicable)

Physical address of individual or company

Daytime phone or home phone number

Receiving Institution’s Name (destination bank)

Receiving Bank Routing Number (ABA Number)

Receiving Institution’s account number

Name of Beneficiary

Physical Address of Beneficiary

SSN/FEI of sender

Current copy of state or federally issued photo ID

If you are a not a customer of Welch State Bank, we must have additional information to complete the transaction and you must appear in person.

Click here for Wire Transfer Request Form.

Important Notice: There is a fee for this service. Wire requests must be received complete by 2:00 p.m. Central Time to be initiated the same day. Wires not initiated before 2:00 p.m. Central Time may not reach the receiving bank (destination) until the next business day.

If you have question please call any location or send email to: help@welchstatebank.com.