Personal Wire Transfers


Wires are a means of moving funds between banking institutions. Wires are typically available at the receiving bank the same business day. Wires require a signed authorization form and the following information to complete:

  • Date form is completed
  • Originator’s name and company name (if applicable)
  • Receiving Bank Routing Number (ABA Number)
  • SSN/FEI of sender
  • Date funds are to be wired
  •  Physical address of individual or company
  • Receiving Institution’s account number
  • Current copy of state or federally issued photo ID
  • Amount to be wired
  • Daytime phone or home phone number
  • Name of Beneficiary
  • If you are a not a customer of Welch State Bank, we must have additional information to complete the transaction and you must appear in person.
  • Source of funds (account number, loan number, cash, or check)
  • Receiving Institution’s Name (destination bank)
  • Physical Address of Beneficiary

Important Notice: There is a fee for this service. Wire requests must be received complete by 2:00 p.m. Central Time to be initiated the same day. Wires not initiated before 2:00 p.m. Central Time may not reach the receiving bank (destination) until the next business day. If you have a question please call any location or send email to: