Security Tips

Security Tips



Identity theft and fraudulent bank transactions are among the fasted growing crimes in the U.S. Below you will find a few tips from Welch State Bank to help keep your identity and your money safe. Your security is important to us.

Welch State Bank will never request your AccessID or Passcode via email. We will never ask you to provide any personal information via unsecure email.

Keep your AccessID and Passcode safe. Do not share your information with others.

Phishing attempts are a real threat. We have seen legitimate looking email that appears to be from the IRS, FDIC, and even credit bureaus asking you to provide personal information or sign up for a free service. This is commonly referred to as Phishing. Do not be deceived.

Welch State Bank does not use pop-up marketing tools. If you encounter marketing solicitation pop-ups once you log in to Internet banking, your PC is infected with malware. We will NOT solicit free credit report services, check orders, or any other service to our customers.

Review your bank statements on a timely basis. This is the best way to find any fraudulent transactions. The quicker you report the problem, the faster we can stop it.

Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware protection up to date. This is critical to your security.

Keep your PC’s operating system patched. Use automatic updates if you can.

Keep Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java and other programs updated. Vulnerabilities in these programs are widely used to gain access to your private information.

If you do not know who sent you the email or file, be suspicious. Take all reasonable and prudent precautions if you do not know the sender of an email. You might even know the sender, but their PC could be infected with what is referred to as a SPAMBOT. Be cautious.

If you suspect your PC is infected with a virus or spyware stop using the device. We recommend you take your PC to a reputable computer repair facility to have it cleaned of any potential threats. Viruses, Trojans and Key-logging software can search your PC for passwords, user names, account numbers, debit card and credit card numbers if you continue using the PC.

The ever changing threat landscape means that you need to be active in protecting your identity and your private information. Welch State Bank uses state of the art defenses to keep your information secure. But only you can protect your computer.


Lender - Steve Owens Location - Miami, OK

This position is responsible for discussing client's needs to recommend the best loan products for them while also effectively promoting the sale of bank products and services. The ideal candidate will be an outgoing, enthusiastic self-starter, and have excellent attendance. Candidate will also pursue new loan and deposit relationships as well as maintain or enhance existing relationships.

Please contact Beth Lowery at 918-788-3373 , stop by for an application or send resume to:

Welch State Bank Attn: Beth Lowery | PO Box 129 | Welch, OK 74369 |


Portfolio Manager | Welch Location | Welch, OK

This position is responsible for assisting our Loan Officers in preparing loan documentation and other various assisting duties.

The ideal candidate will be self‐motivated, confident, detail‐oriented, and analytical. They must also have the ability to multi‐task and manage time effectively while having professional demeanor, personal integrity, and have excellent attendance.

Please contact Beth Lowery at 918-788-3373 , stop by for an application or send resume to:

Welch State Bank Attn: Beth Lowery | PO Box 129 | Welch, OK 74369 |