A personal video experience at our Vinita & South Coffeyville Branch traditional ATMs.

A personal video experience at our traditional branch ATMs.

A Welch State Bank Teller, you know and trust, can assist with many of the same transactions you conduct at our branches, all from the comfort of your car.

A Live Teller will populate on the screen maintaining the warm, personal service from our dedicated staff that you have come to expect.

What can a Live Teller do at a traditional ATM?


Simply tap the screen to get started with your transaction, No debit card needed.


Connect with a friendly Welch State Bank Teller who will run your transaction from the ATM.


Complete your banking tasks with ease and confidence – all from the comfort of your car!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Live Tellers replacing current staff?

No, Live Tellers are not replacing any of our staff. We have hired additional staff and created a new department with this new service.

Do these Live Tellers work for WSB?

Yes! All of our Live Tellers are Welch State Bank employees and work at our Steve Owen’s location in Miami. We wouldn’t let just anybody handle
your money. They have the same expertise as the staff you know and trust inside the bank lobby. Currently, all of this team has been working in
our branches, so you may even see a familiar face.

Why is Welch State Bank offering Live Tellers?

Having the ability for a Live Teller to assist at our traditional ATMs in Vinita opens up a lot of new and different opportunities for you, our customers. We
can provide faster and more convenient service for certain transactions and we look forward, in the future, to have extended hours to better
serve you with a smiling face.

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