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Welch State Banks Financial Literacy Program is dedicated to giving you the resources, tools, and tips to make informed financial decisions and gain financial confidence.

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Welch State Bank Wants to Help Manage Your Money

Welch State Bank Wants to Help Manage Your Money

We believe that you have the ability to grow, strengthen, and financially empower yourself and your community. Our Financial Literacy information aims to help you gain the critical knowledge and skills you need to make financial decisions that are best for you.

Personal Finance

Learn about personal finance through better money habits. Start managing your personal finances and making smarter financial decisions now.

Business Banking 101

Learn about the fundamentals of small business finances from our experts so that you can build a financially fit workplace.

Home Owners 101

Life is full of big decisions, and we understand that it can feel overwhelming at times. We have the tools to help you face these big decisions.

Financial Calculators

Explore our financial calculators and get a better understanding on various loan payments, how to budget, and determining your debt to income ratio.


Understand the risks that come with using the internet and the importance of practicing safe online behavior. We want to give you the tools to improve your online safety.

Agriculture In Action

Helping farmers and ranchers alike to make the best out of every situation you encounter in everyday business to ensure minimal loss.

No matter your financial goals, we are here to help you get more out of your money.

We Care About Your Financial Health

Financial Education went from “nice to have” to “MUST have”. After all, this is your money, and it affects every single aspect of your life. We want you to have the tools you need so that you can take steps to improve your financial future. Learn more about how we can help you.

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