Agricultural Banking

Welch State Bank offers a variety of products that can assist you in managing your business finances easily and conveniently.

Regardless of what type of business you own or manage, Welch State Bank can help by providing the services the big banks offer with the added reassurance of knowing that we make LOCAL decisions, offer LOCAL financing and LOCAL servicing.  And LOCAL means a lot when you are looking for business loans for any reason.  Finding the right loan to meet your business needs can be difficult.  They don’t all come in one size or shape.  Our loan officers at Welch State Bank realize that.  So when you need us, we’re right here where we’ve been since 1923, offering various options for your lending needs.

Besides the normal business checking accounts that most banks offer, under our Cash Management section, Welch State Bank provides a variety of services, including Direct Deposit for employees, paying your Federal Tax Payments automatically, offering Direct Debit options for your customer base, offering products to allow acceptance of all major credit/debit cards, cash concentrations including sweep accounts and Direct Merchant.

And as far as business checking accounts, we not only have them, our business checking accounts also include FREE Voice Access, FREE On-Line Banking, FREE On-Line Bill Pay.